The Challenge

  1. CHECK!
  2. Start a blog – here goes nothing! This is probably the easiest way for a social introvert to keep up with friends, right? Which leads me to #3.
  3. Do a better job maintaining friendships. I love you all, but you exhaust me.  It’s not you, it’s me. #introvertprobz
  4. Can you believe I’ve never been to Vegas!? Me either. I have zero excuses now that it’s only a four hour drive.
  5. Travel outside of the country. Again, I can’t believe I’ve never done this. Suggestions welcome!
  6. DISNEY! Yet another embarrassing example of things most people have marked off the bucket list before the age of 13.  I’m working on it, okay?
  7. Learn to play the piano. I started years ago and dropped it.  This is also a great excuse to spend the night in by myself with a bottle of wine. There has to be rewards if this thing is going to work, people!
  8. Fly in a fighter jet. Or a helicopter.  I’m not a thrill seeker, I just LOVE flying.
  9. Take advantage of my status as a National Parks Annual Pass holder. Thanks to Kristi and Uncle Paul, I’ve already started with a trip to the Grand Canyon.
  10. Explore my new city! This one is a no brainer, but the idea here is to avoid getting too comfy in my own neighborhood. LA is huge!
  11. Find my cause of choice. I care about a lot of different things, but philanthropists seem to make the most impact when they choose one cause and give it their all.
  12. Paint more. I’m no van Gogh, but painting is like therapy. It’s also another great excuse to stay in and drink wine. I swear I’m not an alcoholic.
  13. Have my picture taken. Let’s face it – I’m not getting any younger.
  14. Improve my beer/wine knowledge. I should have go-to’s by now, right?
  15. Rage at a music/arts festival. Maybe Burning Man – who’s down?
  16. (Real) Hiking. I love the outdoors, but I’ve never put in the work to do more than a few miles hiking. I’ve started preparing for my first *real* trip – that is, if we can get a reservation for Havasupai Falls. #answerthephoneplease
  17. Watch more classical movies.
  18. Learn how to dress myself. I prefer to dress like a 16 year old skater boy (t-shirt, skinny jeans, flannel, Vans), but I realize that I should probably start building a more fashionable wardrobe at some point.
  19. Address my own political biases. I take pride in being the devil’s advocate.  I LOVE gathering perspective, but I’m sure there are biases I’ve subscribed to following the latest shit show.  I guess I’m putting this here as a reminder not to get sucked so deep into my own worldview that I blindly dismiss others.
  20. Have a bomb ass, original Halloween costume. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, but I haven’t dressed up in years! #wherethepartyat
  21. Re-familiarize myself with Spanish. There is no reason I shouldn’t be able to pick this up after studying it for five years.
  22. Stop criticizing my body. I know, this one is on every woman’s list. But, seriously – I need to accept the fact that I fucking love sour patch kids, and I’m not 21 anymore. MOVING ON.
  23. Try different ethnic cuisines. This shouldn’t be very difficult now that I’ve decided to embrace the curves.
  24. Read more – since I’ve finally fully recovered from grad school.
  25. Continue my tattoo collection (and not care about the people who think they are a waste).
  26. Pay it forward. Maybe this ends up being my cause of choice, but I had a lot of inspiring people help me overcome socioeconomic barriers, and I feel like I should return the favor to another young person struggling to find their place in the world.
  27. Go to a major league baseball game. I don’t even like baseball that much, but apparently it’s America’s greatest pastime, and I live in a city with two MLB teams.
  28. See a Broadway play. Suggestions welcome!
  29. Take time to smell the roses and enjoy these moments.
  30. Plan the best Dirty Thirty Birthday Bash ever. I mean, I’m serving this up to you all on a silver platter, so don’t let me down. Wish list includes: 90s alt cover band, dancing, a birthday cake that says “fuck it,” best friend speeches… Basically, this will be like a wedding, but just for me.

I’ll post updates to hold myself accountable (and to show off all the cool shit I do).


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