Catch me if you can…

So, there I was – living a life of non-stop adventure, squeezing every last drop of youthful optimism out of my 20’s. I was flying through the year as if I’d vowed to meet a bunch of super lofty goals or something… oh, wait…

Alright, I feel like I’ve been off the grid with this. The truth is that for the last month or so I’ve done less adventuring and become more accustomed to laying around on the beach, spending time in air conditioned museums and theaters, and binge watching OITNB, Glow, and Game of Thrones… Yes, I’m behind on GOT… I KNOW! Stop yelling at me, I was in grad school for the last two years, give me a break!

Also, it’s hot af in LA. Nothing like swimming in the humidity of the South, but still.

Anyway, I’ve slowed down on the adventuring, but I still managed to cram a lot into June. Most of it was spent touring my mom around LA (which is no easy feat, for the record). We explored ALL THE THINGS, even visited some neighborhoods I hadn’t been to yet. Like, Beverly Hills is not my scene, but it was cool to hang around for a minute… in my frayed jean shorts and plaid… under dressed is an understatement. On that note, learning to dress appropriately for my age might be one goal that I don’t end up marking off the list at all – mostly because I’m still having a hard time giving any fucks, and truly, it’s probably better suited for next year anyway, sooo…. moving on!

Pride LA + a random stop at Paul Smith Limited… when in WeHo!


Exploring with mi madre — Burbank + Pasadena + WeHo + Beverly Hills + Santa Monica — Also, I may or may not have taken an illegal picture of an original Picasso… suckers… catch me if you can!


Religious mockery, my favorite past time. BTW, the Pantages Theatre is absolutely gorgeous!! 


Museum of Neon Art, a show at the Greek, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab — they had an open house and it was a super nerdy/fun time.


Last, but not least, my personal fave – beeaaaach dayzzzzzzzzz 


So, before I go, here’s a rundown of the things I’m marking off the dirty thirty list:

  • Broadway play – check! BOM was hysterical #wetwithsalvation #maggotsinmyscrotum #hadtobethereIguess
  • Explore my city – check! I’m not going to stop exploring (obvi) BUT, I am going to go ahead and check it off. Why? Because I make the rules for this thing. Next.
  • Improve my beer/wine knowledge – ha aha ahaha – check! This one has been pretty easy since I’ve been spending so much time at BevMo… I mean, buy a bottle of wine, get ANOTHER WHOLE BOTTLE FOR $0.05!?!? It’s like they’re daring me to have a drinking problem. KIDDING, guys. JK JK… ◕_◕
  • Read more – check! Seriously, I blew through a book in one night last week…

Alright, that’s it for now lovelies. I always end these with a cheesy inspirational story or quote. This one comes from my fave Insta poet, Atticus ♥


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