Summertime, and the living’s easy.

Warmer weather and pictures of all my friends getting married in backyards and welcoming their second child are starting to roll in, which can only mean one thing – summer solstice is coming in hot! It also means we’re getting old, but my point is that SUMMER IS HERE! Yay!


Despite the lovely weather, my body decided to force something that I’ve been avoiding – A BREAK! Thanks to a random cold and a three-day weekend, I’ve had borderline morbid amounts of Netflix binges and leisurely naps. No helicopter flights, no awesome hiking trips, no introverts trying to kick me out of the club…  : ) I’ve come to a complete halt in every regard – and I’m not even mad about it. The break from adventuring gave me time to focus on relaxing goals I’ve given little attention to lately – painting, practicing Spanish, reading by the pool, typing out my rambling internal monologue to share with you all…

And while I have been a bit sniffly, I’m going on three weeks of getting my ass back in check… literally #squatsftw #asstograss. I’m starting to feel less like a slob, which is great since I just made plans to rage at a pool party in Sin City. That’s right – Vegas is booked – bring on the shenanigans! Speaking of pool parties, I realize that it’s a bit too late to start working on a banging Vegas-worthy summer bod now, and that whole post-divorce revenge body never really happened for me (WTF?), which means it is PERFECT timing to practice embracing what my momma (and running track) gave me #fatbottomedgirls

Anyway, my break is over! I’ve got all kinds of stuff planned for June – concerts, plays, new tattoos and visitors, OH MY! I’m going to have my hands full. Good thing I took a month worth of naps over the last couple of weeks! Well, that’s it guys – that’s my uneventful update. You know, I find it fascinating that the closer I get to thirty the less I feel like an adult. Maybe it’s the give-no-fucks attitude that I’ve heard comes along with the dreaded 3-0… and in that case, I approve!

Until next time,


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