How is it March already?

How is it March already?  Why is it that every year seems to fly by faster than the last?  I’m sorry to say that I do not have the answers to those questions, but I may have figured out how to successfully burn my wick completely out on both ends.  If you happen to be interested in learning how to do that, keep reading!  I can teach you how to show up to work like this on the reg…



Keep reading and I’ll also teach you how to be impulsive and spontaneous –

Step 1: Chop your hair off!  Okay, I only took off two inches, but it was LIBERATING!

Step 2: Get a random tattoo!  Adding to my body of art and not giving a f*** who cares is on my list of goals.  Randomly getting one on a Thursday evening seemed like a great ode to my middle finger in the air.

Step 3: Let Siri route you through South Central LA at night… Oops… maybe don’t do this one.

Jokes aside, and I’m going to say this at the expense of being mawkishly sentimental and melodramatic, but having goals to come back to every few weeks has been a nice way to remind myself to be sincere, enjoy the moment and express gratitude for the opportunity to have them, as crazy as they may seem sometimes. I might be playing a little too hard and I’m hoping the lack of sleep is better for my soul than it is my heart (I mean soul theoretically and heart in a literal, medical kind of way).  Does that even make sense? I have not started drinking yet today, I swear!  What I’m trying to say is – I hope that having as much fun as I’ve had this past month is worth the lack of sleep and puffy eyes.

So, here’s my new haircut and tattoo… Don’t be jelly of my sculpted Greek God-like arm, it’s a filter…  : )


Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscience breathing is my anchor. Just a daily reminder to chill tf out and #breathe #tibetanscript #newhairwhodis

I have actually continued to knock off a handful of goals – took advantage of my National Parks Pass with a trip to Joshua Tree, did a legit hike, and tried new cuisine (freeze dried chicken and rice… ha)! We climbed to the top of the highest rock formation on our camp site.  Taking terrifying leaps of faith from one huge boulder to another and crawling through tiny little spaces between the rocks was worth the amazing view at the top!


We also got intimate with the flora and fauna of the desert – the Joshua trees and cholla cacti were the shit – the coyotes, not so much.


Alright guys and gals, if you’re still with me on this journey I hope that I’ve at the very least provided some comedic relief or possibly an inkling of inspiration.  I like to go against the grain and say that “life is long!” I know, my friends give me shit for saying it. But, what I mean is, it’s never too late to work on your mindset, situation, career, relationships etc. Live long and prosper, beautiful people!  Happy Friyay!

Until next time, CHEERS!

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