So, I survived Valentine’s Day…

So, I survived Valentine’s Day. I guess that’s reason to celebrate, right? It was actually a super fun day with an amazing friend that ended with us stuffing our faces full of sloppy nachos, which is a success in my book.

Now, I’m going to be honest. Blogging may be more work than I initially planned on. But, the response I’ve received from friends who are also searching for meaning in their lives has been incredibly refreshing. I’m not saying it was easy to leave my life in Tennessee behind and start over, and every day isn’t butterflies and rainbows, but I’m as close to fulfilled as I’ve ever been. I guess this blogging thing will be worth it if I inspire even one person to take a leap of faith and make life what they want it to be, whatever that may entail.

So, I guess you all deserve an update now that I’m a few weeks into the challenge. First of all, I can already tell that I’ll end up cramming some of this into the last few months of the year in my usual last-minute style because I am the absolute worst procrastinator. But, I have been planning some of the big goals (backpacking Havasupai Falls in April – whoop whoop!) and jumping into the long-term ones that are hard to mark through on a list.  I’ve also been adding to the list along the way. Namely, I’ve given myself the freedom to try new stuff and rekindle love for things that brought me joy when life was simpler.


I’m not sure exactly what my face is doing, but we were KILLIN IT! I forgot how much I love sweating it out to club bangerz and hip hop.




For anyone who doesn’t know, Conan is my red hot ginger soul mate for life #teamcoco #galentines2k17success


Trying new things, even though I ripped the skin off of my hands… OUCH!

I’m also making necessary revisions to the challenge as I go along. That whole “fly in a fighter jet” deal – it’s definitely going to be a helicopter ride instead because they want $3,000 for a 45 minute flight. Yeah, that’s three thousand dollars to vomit on myself. No thank you!

So, that’s where I am as I chug along on my journey to the dreaded 3-0.  Until next time, I’ll leave you all with a poem from my spirit animal, Rupi Kaur.




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